What to do and expect after Undergrad

Applying for internships:

  • Create a DICAS account and fill out all required portions: https://portal.dicas.org/
    • DICAS
    • portal.dicas.org
    • Welcome! This is the DICAS Online applicant portal, for use by students who are applying to Dietetic Internship programs that participate in the DICAS Match.
  • Create a profile with D&D matching (a ranked list of the internships of interest): https://www.dnddigital.com
    • D&D Digital
    • www.dnddigital.com
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Internship Matching. Welcome to the D & D Digital Online Dietetics Internship Matching Service for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Scheduling the RDN exam:

Upon completion of internship competencies, a code from Pearson Vue will be issued.

  • Use the Pearson Vue code to schedule a date/time to take the RDN examination.

Registering to Practice as an RDN:

A registration number will be issued upon successful completion of the RDN examination. The registration number will grant access to the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

Attaining State Licensure:

  • Visit the WV Board of Licensed Dietitians to obtain a license to practice in the state of West Virginia: www.wvbold.com

TIP: Budget for the Process: each step in the process has a fee;

*Estimated prices:

DICAS: $50.00*
D&D Matching: $50.00*
RDN Exam: $200.00*
CDR: $60.00*
License: $50.00*

*The prices provided are an estimation and not quotes. Price estimates provided in good faith, intended to provide guidance and generate awareness of what to expect in the process. The prices listed are not legally binding values and are subject to change without update to this site. Students should check with the provided organizations for current pricing.