WVU Medicine Dietetic Internship

2016-17 WVU Medicine Interns


The WVU Medicine Dietetic Internship is a 41-week full-time, comprehensive non-master's internship program with an emphasis in Medical Nutrition Therapy. Each year, up to 8 applicants are matched to the program. Over the course of 5 years, our pass rate of those taking the Registered Dietitian exam for the first time is 100 percent. Interns are provided with over 1400 hours of supervised practice experience with training in the following areas:

  • Clinical-18 weeks including-Cardiology, Trauma: the only Level I trauma center for adults in the state, Neurology, Medicine/Nephrology, Oncology, Surgery, Critical Care: MICU, WVU Medicine Children's Hospital, a Level II Trauma Center for pediatrics including PICU, NICU: Level III, and HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital
  • Administrative-6 weeks in Foodservice rotations at WVU Medicine
  • Community-7 weeks in areas including-Cystic Fibrosis, Adolescent clinic, Diabetes center, WIC, Pediatric endocrinology/GI, Family Medicine, Pierpont community and technical college

The WVU Medicine Complex is currently housed in the J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital which is a 10-story acute care facility with a total capacity of 522 beds. The hospital will be opening a new South East tower in January 2017 that will create space for 114 additional beds including a new Heart and Vascular Institute.