WVU Graduate-Dietetic Internship


West Virginia University offers a combined dietetic internship program, with an annual class size of 6 openings. A combined program means that your graduate degree is tied in with the internship program. This means those who are matched to our program will also be applying for a graduate education at our University. Students accepted into our program will start their first year (2 semesters) completing approximately 24 graduate credit hours. During the summer following completion of the spring semester, students/interns will be enrolling in 2 separate online graduate classes, associated specifically with the internship program. These classes will help prep the student/intern for their upcoming dietetic internship. Then, during the final year (2 semesters) of their time with us, students will be registering for another graduate-level class. This class will count as their supervised practice experience. This also ensures students are paying for the dietetic internship, and at the same time, earning them credit for the completion of their graduate degree, a minimum of 30 credit hours. Lastly, our program offers its interns a Community Nutrition concentration, where they will complete receive extra internship hours working with community-related programs.

For more information:
Adam M Burda, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND
Phone: (304) 293-1918 | Fax: 304-293-2232